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Eugene Bosworth offers professional, compassionate and steadfast counsel during difficult times

In Eugene Bosworth you will find a sensitive and compassionate family law attorney in Angola IN, providing heart-felt assistance for families in trouble, and firm representation for relationships in crisis.


Issues of family law include:

 •  Dissolution of marriage (divorce)

 •  Child support

 •  Child adoption

 •  Father's rights

 •  Child custody

 •  Parenting time and visitation

 •  Termination of parental rights


You don't have to suffer emotionally and financially during a divorce.  Our legal team will be with your each step of the way.

Whether you are dealing with divorce, concerned about child custody/support, the maintenance of parental rights or seeking an adoption, Eugene Bosworth is a lawyer of constant understanding, and steady tenacity who can help with your case.

A lawyer of constant understanding

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Divorce is


an easy time in life

Leave the paperwork and your best interest to us.  We will protect your rights.

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